Contemporary Wood Panel Kitchen


Trueline Woodworks was presented a very unique project by La Jolla custom builder Beacham Construction.  The project was designed by  Safdie Rabines Architect with an objective to create a jig saw puzzle of ceiling and wall paneling to interlink with floating linear cabinetry.


The owner imagined a natural looking walnut with slight grain discoloration and grain movement.   We went directly to the mill and hand selected our own logs and chose the flitches that would match best in each sheet.  We brought back 3 American walnut logs that totaled 120 sheets of veneer.  We went through each sheet of veneer and chose the exact location of all pieces to accent every part of the home appropriately.  


With the veneer chosen, we then worked with the home owner to achieving the look of finish he dreamed of.  He expressed an interest in having the walnut to look semi aged and sun bleached.  Although this was a challenging request,  we achieved it with a self sealing water base product penetrated heavily into the grain to self seal while at the same time leaving a beautiful natural warm look and a matte finish.  Three coats where applied to each panel for extra protection and just the right look. 


With the homeowner’s approval of the finish, we continued on with  the submittal process with Safdie Rabines Architects Firm.   Hundreds of hours and weeks of planning later, the final plan was ready and we began the fabrication. It was a 3 week build and a 6 week install.  It went flawlessly with not one punch list item at the end.


We are extremely pleased to announce that this home won house of the year for 2012 in the February issue of San Diego Home and Garden.  I couldn’t be more proud of my team at Trueline Woodworks, Inc.  They put in  the extra effort that this kind of project deserved in every detail.