With the combination of experience, skill and modern design tools, there are  few limitations to what Trueline Woodworks Inc. can create.   For any project, we  go over every detail, from color choices to make sure they match their home interior colors, to the wood species to make sure they will match existing furniture.  Through the use of CAD (Computer Aided Design), we are able to see every aspect of the project before construction begins,  ensuring no detail is missed.  We offer an in house design and quote at no charge.  Once the concepts are established,  the fun begins with playing with the design using different materials and colors and really getting to know what works for you.

We have over 200 door styles in every wood species possible.  We will book match all grains for all contemporary door styles to assure you feel the movement of the natural grains of the wood.  Trueline Woodworks Inc. will go through the efforts of making sure you have an actual door with your color choice approved prior to going into production of your custom cabinetry.  We will never build a job without the client knowing every nut and bolt of their one of a kind luxurious custom cabinetry.

We use only the highest quality domestic, not imported, materials for the exception of our high end exotic woods which come from around the world.  all of the materials are handpicked and matched for each individual custom cabinet.  all of our cabinets are plywood constructed with 3/4″ high grade materials with “A” face wood veneers.


Custom Cabinetry

If you can dream it we can make it.  Every cabinet manufactured at Trueline Woodworks is custom made.  This makes every cabinet or furniture piece a one of a kind.


Design Services

We offer CAD design services also.  For a small fee we will work with you and we will design your remodel.


CNC Milling Services

If you have a job that may be too big for what you are set up for or have a complicated cut, we offer CNC milling services.  We can mill your job and veneer edge banded (if needed) as well.  We then can bundle all parts together including hardware and make a kit.